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Beside Chocolate Driven Development I also believe in Continuous Delivery and the Lean and Agile view on improvement. For this feedback is required. Contact me. Everything from recommended research down to noticed typos is valuable. I will continue to edit all posts if necessary.


A language agnostic debugging list

Checklists are nice cognitive tools. This one can also work as a reminder when designing code. Please come with feedback and suggestions...

It is not too good to be true

We need to start dreaming about excellence. Our identity has to shift to encompass the belief that software can be written differently.

Lift with your legs

When lifting we always want to do it correctly, so that we do it right by reflex as we lift something heavy. No personal trainer will...

Things I have done elsewhere

This is things that I have done that I think is relevant for this blog, but not published here. Blog about exploring unwanted effects to...

Software interior design

Software architecture is a known concept. This is a post about software interior design.

Who is afraid of the big bad codebase?

Sometimes a code smell is the odour of fearfulness. I have named two of those smells and share my advice for restoring a sense of safety....

One reason to exist

This text has one reason to exist. I want you to write smaller and simpler units of code.

The power of linting

Use a linter for your code! And fix all errors and warnings. Your brain will thank you.