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Beside Chocolate Driven Development I also believe in Continuous Delivery and the Lean and Agile view on improvement. For this feedback is required. Contact me. Everything from recommended research down to noticed typos is valuable. I will continue to edit all posts if necessary.


The DevOps person and a 300 meter marathon

There are some concepts that have a logical conflict built in, self contradictions. A marathon is 42,195 meters, otherwise it is not a...

Read Accelerate and wash your hands

In the DORA DevOps report and the accompanying book The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing...

It is not too good to be true

We need to start dreaming about excellence. Our identity has to shift to encompass the belief that software can be written differently.

Unnecessary limitations with a history

Most software teams today underperform since they can not fully leverage the technological advantages we have gained over the last...