• Ester Daniel Ytterbrink

Dangerous skills

Being good at managing stress could be dangerous. Being good at preventing stress should be our aim.

The same way, testing the untestable looks good on your resume. But the goal is code that is easy to test Then a powerful tool for testing can become a liability. Or awesome testing skills a danger, if it leads to code that had no design pressure.

We need skills for the life we have, including its stress and hard to test code. But don’t confuse necessity with virtue. To build the world we want to have, we have to hone skills for such a world. It can be removing the cause of stress or getting better at software architecture. It will make our old skills a bit less valuable. Allow yourself to grieve that. it will also require us to do things we are not that good at yet. It is ok to find that scary. Just don’t let today’s skills dictate tomorrow’s reality.

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