• Ester Daniel Ytterbrink

The best kind of code

  1. Code never written

  2. Code never read

  3. Code never changed

  4. Code telling a story

The best code is the one we never write. Perhaps user research shows that there will be no value.Or there might be a library we could use, or some service.

If we have to write code it should have an interface so clear that it tells all there is to know. If the code can be trusted, and we know how to use it, there is no need to read it.

If we need to read it, at least it should have so little responsibility that there is only one reason to change it. And if there is only one reason to change it, nothing else should be at risk breaking due to that change.

If we have to change it, like really change it, keeping some functionality and changing other parts. Then it should at least tell us so much about it self that we know what is going on.

This is my code type top-list. What is your favourite kind of code?

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